Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break

I have to admit that I haven't done as much fun and creative crafting with the girls since we started Kindergarten.  We do fun projects, but they are usually related to one of our lessons.  So, I made a list of projects and allocated them to days for the girls to do during Spring Break.

We discovered that you can marble paint inside of oatmeal containers and cereal boxes (my personal favorite for the finished results).  It's great because the container is sealed and the girls can shake and shimmy to their hearts content.  It was a big hit!

Then, we finally got around to painting the stepping stone that Caroline got for her birthday.  It turned out really cute and she had fun doing it.  I put it in front of their playhouse, but I must not have balanced it very well and it cracked.  But the paint is holding up and it still looks pretty.