Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break Day #2

I made a checklist of some fun things to do with the girls this week.  Mostly little fun projects that I tend to put off when school is in session.  Here's what we got done today:

Re-hydrate our water beads from the fall.  Scoop and play.  Pick them up off the floor.  Repeat.

Make sugar cookies to take to lunch with Daddy tomorrow.  Borrow 1/4 cup of sugar from neighbor. (It's "Pi day" tomorrow in case you didn't know, so celebration cookies are in order.  For having a liberal arts degree, Kevin sure has a geeky side.  I LOVE it!)

Prayer group.

Pour the mold for Caroline's stepping stone project she's been begging me to do since she got it for her birthday.  We'll paint it tomorrow.  Please come out of the mold in one piece!

Decorate cookies.  Allow girls to eat one for a snack.  Send them upstairs to watch TV while sugar shock sets in.

Clean kitchen.

Small group.