Thursday, July 12, 2007

9 month portrait

We had Caroline's nine month portrait done today.

We went to a place called Portrait Innovations ( I really recommend them. First, they have a special (that seems to run frequently) for $9.95. The key here, my friends, is just to get the special and maybe one sheet of your second favorite pose. Second, all other portrait sheets are $15 which I think by comparison is really reasonable. Third, they take tons of pictures for each pose. Instead of posing Caroline one way, snapping a picture, and moving on, they took about 10 pictures of the pose so we had several good ones to choose from. Fourth, they have mega computer screens that they pull you pictures onto. Their software puts three pictures on the screen at a time and lets you pick your favorite. You repeat this process and it really helps you narrow the field. Fifth (wow, I didn't know I'd have so many reasons), they print your pictures while you wait. This is especially good for me since it is 30 minutes away and I was dreading having to go back to pick them up. And finally, the studios were nice and roomy and there was a really big waiting area - plus, I didn't have to wait!! They have locations nationwide.

Okay, so enough promoting the studio. I know you want to see pictures, so here they are : )

(Caroline's Grandad got her this teddy bear when she was born and I've been waiting for an opportunity to put it in her picture. This was my one extra sheet that I splurged on.)


Carrie said...

Adorable! I love reading your blog! :-)

Debra said...

Ohhh, my granddaughter is so beautiful! Sterling will be tickled to see her with the bear.

Kristin Barnett said...

She is so cute! I love the pictures!