Friday, March 16, 2012

First Sleepover

Although we've hosted cousins and babysitted overnight for our friends, this day goes down as the first sleepover that Caroline hosted.   Caroline spent the night at Kate's when Kate had a birthday, but I didn't want to wait until October to repeat the occasion.  Spring Break seemed like a good plan.

She asked me all week about what they could play and do during the sleepover, so I finally made a master list of all her options and hung it to the mirror on the bathroom wall.  As Kate and Caroline played, Caroline asked for a pencil and began checking things off.

The girls never really ask to play with my make-up, so I thought it would be a special sleepover treat.  We made a special trip down the make-up aisle at the dollar store to pick out a few things.  The were really cute working on their faces.  I think I ended up helping Caroline get her eye make-up on.

They made the necklaces too.

I did my best to keep Charlotte entertained downstairs so the big girls could have the upstairs.  Here they are enjoying their movie, popcorn, and glo-wands.

They were both happy to go to bed at 10 pm.  Kate fell asleep first and then I ended up having to put on some night-time music for Caroline.  They slept in the princess pop-up tent.

We needed to clean the preschool table so we could bake the next morning, so I brought out the shaving cream.  My girls usually don't like having it on their hands, but we started out making marbled prints with the shaving cream and worked up to lathering up the entire table.  It was a huge hit by that point.

Then, we made haystack bird's nests with Hershey's Easter eggs in them.

And of course, we had one for a tea party snack.

I see lots of sleepovers in the future for these two girls.  I pray that they will be encouragers of one another and build each other up in Christ.