Thursday, March 1, 2012

Charlotte's 3 year checkup

Charlotte had her 3 year checkup today.  She was 37 inches tall (41%) and 28 pounds (21%).

We had to delay her shot (I'm so behind on getting her MMR done) because she is wheezing from the cold she had last week.  Something about us three girls always gets us some kind of secondary ailment from our common cold/allergy symptoms.  It's either our ears, our sinuses, or our respiratory system that needs further attention.  Oh well.

This is only Charlotte's second time to need breathing treatments.  But I guess this is probably the age that it started with Caroline, so we'll see if this becomes common.

I'm about to go buy a new round of air filters for our house (the super nice kind this time now that we have a newer AC unit) and maybe a stand alone purifier for the girls' room.