Friday, March 2, 2012

Hotel for Henry and Avah

After talking to Karlin on Thursday, I was pretty sure that I was going to get another middle of the night phone call that they were ready to have a baby.  I put both phones on my nightstand and laid out all my clothes.  Sure enough, early on March 2nd, the phone rang around 4:30 am.  I popped out of bed and was soon on my way.

Kevin hung back to watch the girls and I waited around for Henry and Avah to wake up before getting them over to our house for breakfast.  Henry was the first out of bed and didn't seem at all surprised to see me there.

It was a morning of non-stop toys and play.

We made some cards for baby Bumble as we awaited the phone call.

I had the Easter decorations out so we hid the eggs in the front yard and had a few egg hunts.  The kids didn't seem to care that they were empty.

The two big kids had a run in on the trampoline that required ice packs for both.

Hanne was born at 11:08 am.  We made a quick run to the Dollar Tree to get balloons (they were out of It's a Girl or any remotely pink balloon) and It's a Girl decorations.  Then we snuck in to decorate the house before they arrived home from the birth center.  Then it was naps for the three little kids and my friend, Erica, came to take Caroline to God's Little Girls for me.  I think that I may have had a nap too.

After dinner, we took the kids over to see Hanne for the first time.

Day two was more of the same.  It had been a little bit of a long night since Avah ended up in our bed with us for most of the early hours.  The kids had too much fun during the day to miss mom and dad, but I think they both felt it during bedtime.  I was really surprised that cuddling up to me was enough to make everything okay.  She's such a sweety.

I think that Henry's picture was of a rocket ship.

It worked out nice that Karlin had the baby on Friday, so I only had to manage four kids by myself for one day.  We spent some time outside enjoying nice weather.   I think Kevin was glad to have an excuse to get out the BB gun too.

Caroline had a creative way to air up the soccer ball.

Everyone is ready for movie night.  Charlotte insisted that Avah wear one of our princess nightgowns to match.

Day three was a Sunday and Kevin was playing.  I did pretty well at getting four kids dressed and to church.  Now getting them to all smile for a picture was another story.  It was a pretty easy morning since Henry and Avah were in church programming.  I did get called out to console Avah during church service, but then Ms. Jennifer showed up and since they are great friends, it worked out that I was able to teach my preschool class.

We had lunch and naps.  The kids ended up playing at our neighbors when Ryan came to pick them up later in the afternoon so Henry could go to Awanas.

It was a little tiring to be pregnant and caring for four kids, but it was such a blessing to be a part of such a special time for their family.  I'm sure I'll do it all again in a few years : )