Sunday, December 18, 2011

Done in December

Here's some other miscellanous things we did in December.
Daddy came up with a unique way to wash the dogs.

Daddy got a bike for his birthday and since he was in need of a new helmet, we also upgraded Caroline to a bigger one and let Charlotte have the princess one.

Playtimes in mom and dad's bed before breakfast.

The Ann B Dextrous toy came out of storage and got new batteries.  It's fun when a toy gets new life and interest from your children.  And it's funny when something that isn't a toy, can be so hilarious... like the bar stools.

Charlotte has taken to climbing up onto the couch to "read" a magazine.  She looks so grown up when she does it.

Caroline continued the tradition of crushing my candy canes to make our Ritz thin mint treats.  I discovered that I can keep melted chocolate warm in my mini crockpot and then I don't have to re-microwave as I dip.

We went to a drive-thru Life of Christ at the West Houston Church of Christ.  Next year, we'll remember the DVD player.  It was a long wait, but worth it.

We had our mac 'n cheese at the picnic table while we enjoyed a day with nice weather.  I took the opportunity to air out the house in hopes of ridding it of all our germs.  Notice, Caroline has a doctors office sticker.  This was our final go around for the sinus infections.

Charlotte likes to "read" my green Bible too.  She's taken to tracking with her finger and she'll quote her Luke 2:10 verse sometimes.   

One day, a teaching opportunity came up at the lunch table and I was going to share some other verse from the Bible with the girls to explain myself.  But as soon as "Do you know what the Bible says?" came out of my mouth, Charlotte broke into "The angel said to them, "Do not be afraid...""

We got a few of my favorite Christmas projects in at the very end... cotton ball Santa beards and lace up Christmas stockings. 

We ended up having our neighbors join us to make the Christmas stockings and then it turned into lunch, with a few more neighbor kids.  It's amazing to me how NOT overwhelming eight kids in one house can be.  It can be kind of dirty though.  I had to redo most of my holiday cleaning.  But, all the kids ended up playing and I got to visit with my neighbor and induldge in Christmas goodies without little fingers wanting some.  It was so worth it!