Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 7 in Review

"F" is for The Fruit of the Spirit... and Fish.

This is one week that I like to change from the verse that goes along with our "ABC Bible Verse" book.  We did the fruit of the spirit last year, and Caroline still knows them!

Bible verse: "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  Against such there is no law." Gal 5:22-23
Rhyme: Two feet

Things learned:
Letter F handwriting and sign
Science: Volcano
States: Florida and Georgia (I found some tourism commercials on youtube to watch and the girls loved the Disney World parts.)
Spelling: fat, fan, fed, fell, fig, fit, for
Math: time of day, non-standard measuring, +1 facts, graphing

Our Letter of the Week theme was fish.  We had on Charlotte's shelves, laminated fish puzzle, fish bowl fill 'n spill, fish builders, fish pattern, fish number cards with paper clip and magnet sticks, fishing pole puzzle, sensory rice bin with acrylic fish and shells, and board books.

Charlotte requests stickers and cutting a lot lately, so I make a cutting tray and sticker tray (with stickers we got from Texas Children's Hospital in a mailer).

Of course, we had goldfish for snacktime!
 A thinking cap helps when you are searching magazines for pictures of Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Nighttime activities.

I'm not on top of everything.  The little girls had a field day with the rice in the sensory bin.  It was strewn all around the dining room, and somehow was even on the piano.
 Charlotte did fairly well cutting her fish apart.
 Tuesday, we had a zoo day.  It was wonderful to spend time with friends and enjoy the zoo without ANY school groups there.

 Of course, I guess there was one school group there.  I took a clipboard and writing paper for Caroline and we found eight animals with the letter F in their name (Giraffe Catfish, Giraffe, Flamingo, Tree Frog, Leaf Turtle, Glass Frog, and Mossy Frog).  Then we looked them all up on youtube when we got home.  I felt very official, having her do school work on our field trip.
 I often worry about the things that will be different for the girls since they are homeschooled.  One night, I read a book called "I Like Kindergarten" to Caroline.  Since it used to be my book, I knew the story and wondered how Caroline perceived this little girl that was going off to school.  It's an old book, so the Kindergarten class looks a lot like our school, with little preschool tables and no desks.  And I knew that at the end of the story, the little girl pretends school with her baby sister. 

It left me wondering as I was finishing the book, will Caroline play school?  Will she have any desire to pretend to be the teacher?

Thankfully, I didn't have to wonder long.  Caroline announced that she was going to make a Kindergarten worksheet for Charlotte the next morning.  She did a great job and mirrored several items that are often in her math workbook pages.  It was really cute to watch her help Charlotte work on it.  Then she did another two-sided worksheet for her later in the week.

We got to measure the things in our house with Unifix cubes this week.  It's always fun when we find a way to get up and move around during a math lesson.
 Then, I got down all my scrapbooking fiskar scissors during Charlotte's naptime.  Caroline had fun cutting with all the different edges.  We layered them to make a fish and mimic their scales.
 Last week, I laminated a printout of the United States and we now color in the states that we've learned about.  Charlotte really likes this activity and has asked several times throughout the week to "color the states."

 Caroline finished the first half of her First grade Hooked on Phonics program.  We are on to the red book next week to work on word endings.