Sunday, October 9, 2011

The birthday girl

We celebrated Caroline's birthday this weekend with some family.  Caroline wanted a ballerina party with a cake made from her Ballerina Barbie.  I always feel like I've ruined the cake about halfway through, but it turned out really cute in the end.

Caroline had one of her favorites for lunch... flour tortillas.  The grown ups opted to put Crock Pot Pulled Pork on theirs.

 We got Caroline her first bike for her birthday.  Kevin put it together the night before - I love that he enjoys assembling toys for the girls, it really is his delight to do it.  Since there isn't a good way to wrap a bike, we just had Caroline close her eyes.  I think she was surprised even though we'd mentioned in the past that we were going to get her a bike.

 The cutest part about the bike reveal was how thankful Caroline was.  She gave Kevin, Charlotte, and me a hug before she even got on the bike.  It really confirmed for Kevin and me that Gifts is her primary love languages.

My niece Paige let the cat out of the bag that they had gotten Caroline something from Tangled.  It was a big hit regardless.  The girls spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the little Tangled characters inside of the Loving Family Motor Home that Granny and Grandad got her.
 My grandma Betty had sent a present for Caroline.  After she opened it, she adamantly explained to my mom that she was to go visit my grandma and give her a big hug for her.  I was also impressed that Caroline was able to read my grandma's signature on the card.
 Aunt Katy, Uncle Paul, Ethan, and Seth got Caroline the Toy Story Barbie.  The irony is that I'm almost positive that I had the same one... although, her unitard was a little less metallic.
 Part of the reason I steered Caroline towards a ballerina party was because I knew my mom had gotten her a new ballet outfit, video, and doll.  Caroline was playing with her doll before bedtime and kept repeating, "I just love her so much."

 I can't believe Caroline is five.  It feels like such a milestone because she's started school this year and is really such a big girl.  I'm so thankful for her sweet spirit.  I also can't believe we've been in this parenting thing for five years.  I know Caroline has taught us as much as we've taught her.

 After the party, Caroline rode her new bike for all her guests.  Paige and Charlotte got a turn too.  Caroline seemed to lose interest a little after the first trip down the sidewalk, but after sharing her bike, she was off and pedaling again.  She did really well for her first time.


Carrie S. said...

What a cutie! She looks SO happy - and the cake turned out great! I can't believe she is 5 already, either.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, pretty girl!