Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 6 in Review

This week, "E" is for Elephant.

Bible verse: "Even a child is known by his deeds." Proverbs 20:11
Song: Every Move I Make

Things learned this week:
Letter E handwriting and sign (I'm happy to report that I worked on the lowercase letter e with Caroline this summer, and she is doing very well at "hitting the ball and rounding the bases" as HWT says.)
Spelling: egg, eat, ear, one, two, three, four (Spelling didn't go so well this week.  There aren't many E-words on our list, so I threw in some sight words that aren't spelling the way they sound.  I think we need to repeat those again later.)
Science: seasons
Math: started a coin cup, counting backwards (which she already knew - thank you Mickey Mouse), subtraction stories

Here's part of my prep that I do each week.  I pull letter manipulatives (scrabble tiles this week) for all of her spelling words.  She uses these to build the words on Tuesday with her Read! Build! Write mats.

Here are all the E activities for Charlotte's shelf.  Elephant magnetic pom poms, Noah's Ark (which had been stashed away for awhile and got lots of fresh attention), E/e sorting, dry erase tracing, colored elephant puzzle, more animals, squeaker eggs, and elephant board books.

 Having fun for circle time on Monday.  They really enjoyed shaking the egg shakers and dancing to "Every Move I Make."  Then all three girls put away the circle time quilt.

Caroline had company during her math lesson.  Her fellow princess scribbled in a notebook while Caroline worked on her worksheet.

Charlotte is having fun cutting and glueing small strips of paper this week.  I've moved her small table next to the kitchen table, so she can do her work nearby while I'm helping Caroline with math.

 Here we are doing a new activity.  Roll it. Write it. Spell it.  I made my own set of templates for our Education Cubes and Caroline had great fun rolling and writing each word three times.

I think the girls were a little carried away during Circle Time this particular day.  But they sure are cute.  We did get things reeled back in to say the Pledge.

We did an elephant craft and I showed the girls how to make gray paint.  For Caroline, I used different amounts of white and black so she had a gradient of shades.

I'd baked muffins for Alicia's birthday and figured that I'd get one more use out of the tins before I put them away, so we had a muffin tin lunch.  It's really just lunch served in a muffin tin, but the girls thought it was super neat and there is an entire Muffin Tin Mama blog devoted to it.

We ended lunch with the story of the Little Red house so we could see the star in our apple.  It something I saw on a blog and wanted to do with the girls as soon as I read it.  Would have gone better on "A" week, right?