Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun and Games

The weekend before Halloween is always a double wammy of fun for us.

First, we have a cook-off at Kevin's office.  Every department has a team and they create a booth with a theme, often including activities for the kids, and then they cook some amazing food.

A favorite theme this year was the Angry Birds booth.  Kevin and Caroline got to play a game to get those pesky pigs.  My favorite food was the tacos at the Willy Wonka booth.

Then, if we haven't had enough fun, we head to the Fall Fest at our church.  The girls had a blast on all the inflatables.  A favorite was a green alligatory/dinosaur they had to crawl through.  They saw it from the street and it was our first stop.  Caroline went through, but Charlotte was a little unsure.  They also enjoyed the obstacle course and slides. 

After our hot dog supper, the girls entertained us with a dance.