Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week 9 in Review

We had G is for Gumball week a week ago.  Ironically, I never got our gumball machine out for treats.  Oh, well, they'll get enough sugar when Halloween comes around.

Bible Verse: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15
Song: Amazing Grace
Rhyme: The Grand Old Duke of York

Things learned:
G handwriting and sign
Science: Parts of a flower
Math: Games

This week on her shelf, Charlotte had golf tees with marbles (a big favorite), roll a gumball machine puzzle, gumball machine lacing card, fuzzies with tongs, gumball counting, and gumball prewriting with dry erase.

I also make a gumball glue and sitcker page, but they weren't very popular.

I think the number one favorite thing for all three of us this week was the Marble Laboratory.  I picked up two kits at the Dollar Tree during the summer, having seen this with floral balls on other blogs.  Just to make sure it worked, I did a test batch Sunday night.  I personally enjoyed watching the changes myself.

Then, I set Caroline up with her science journal and we drew a picture and made some predictions.  We also weighed ten balls on our balance against some pennies, so we could compare.

While we waited for Caroline's batch to change, we played with the set that I made the night before.

My inner engineer came out and we made a run for them with some water bottles and I taped it to the dishwasher front.

I decided to give Caroline a break from our Saxon Math pages this week, so I came up with some fun activities and made a list for her to choose from each day.

1. Playing Candy Land with flashcards instead of the color cards.  I felt bad that I kept getting the 8+8 and 9+9 cards.

2. Putting 10 gumballs in each gumball machine with paint and q-tips and then skip counting to 100.

3. Writing her own story problems about gumballs on a worksheet I created.

4. Practicing math facts with "poke cards."

Charlotte works on her preschool workbook while Caroline does her spelling.

Caroline wasn't in a "good" spelling mood for letter G spelling day.  I ended up letting her write on a magna doodle... special treat, right?  Well, at one point she ended up writing "no" for her spelling word.  She got to do the entire lesson again when daddy got home.

Caroline and I did Roll it! Write it! with her spelling words on Wednesday while we were missing BSF since Charlotte had a temperature.  It was really cute because Charlotte joined us on the floor with her dry erase prewriting page.

 Charlotte hurt her knee, so Caroline got her ballerina doll for Charlotte and sat with her reading while the ice pack sat on her knee.  So sweet!

 On Friday, Caroline made tissue paper flowers with all the parts of the flower that we learned this week.  I layed all the materials out with her cards before we began.  Technically, she's just supposed to learn the words and not necessarily be able to identify where they are.

Caroline decided we needed bugs to help pollinate the flowers, so we made a set by twisting a pipe cleaner around a pencil for the body and then adding wings.

When we finished, we had to make another set and leave it outside of Charlotte's bedroom door as a surprise for her after nap.