Monday, September 19, 2011

Sisterly Love

The girls had a super sweet week of being cuddly with each other.  There were evenings of watching Seasame Street on mom's bed, afternoons watching a bit more TV while dad was on his way home from work, sneaking into bed in the morning so big sister could read little sister a book (pillow pet and all), playing hide out in mom's closet (again, pillow pets and all), and going for rides in the wagon with our new A&M sock monkeys.

Charlotte hurt herself twice today and Caroline drew here heart and flower pictures on our dry erase board.  What was really cute was that she was copying Charlotte's name off of her Sunday school paper that was on the bulletin board.  What is funny is that the teacher didn't print it very neatly, so Caroline's spelling ended up being "Charace."  What a great lesson in practicing neat handwriting!


Carrie S. said...

The second pic (of Charlotte) is adorable!! They are both getting so big!