Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 4 in Review

Week four started out with a special guest for class on Monday.   She's going to join us on Monday's this year while her mom has a leadership meeting.  It works out great because the girls behave better when we have company and now Charlotte has a playmate while I'm doing Caroline's math lesson.

Bible Verse: "Children, obey your parents in the Lord for this is right."  Eph 6:1
Song: O Be Careful Little Eyes
Rhyme: Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?

Things learned this week:
Letter C (handwriting and sign)
C spelling words: cat, can, cap, cot, cup, came, cub, cut)
States: Arizona and Arkansas
Science: Five types of clouds
Math: Writing number 19-23, rectangles, ordinal (first through sixth), doubles facts (0+0 through 5+5)
Art: Cotton ball clouds
We also read a version of Cinderella and did Caroline's first Venn Diagram that I got out of a Fairy Tale unit.

Charlotte's theme this week was caterpillars.  Here's the set up of her shelf.  She has a magnetic number matching caterpillar, fuzzies to line up in a sports bottle ice cube tray, books, caterpillars to count onto a leaf mat, a peg puzzle, sensory box with split peas, caterpillar lacing, and caterpillar clip cards (which she never did).

Here are my three students working on their Target Phonics workbook (it's the "Panda begins with P" book).  I'm letting Caroline do it as well.  Then, the younger girls do a do-a-dot picture while I instruct Caroline for handwriting in another Target book that has more practice space.

Charlotte enjoyed having company to play with her shelf activities.

They made it though most of Caroline's math lesson before I sent them upstairs to play.

On another day, I let my girls watercolor a print out for our Bible verse.  You can find the print out in the Letter C downloads on Raising Rockstars.  I liked that it had our little manta "the first time," "right away," and "with a happy heart" written inside the letters for OBEY.

Meet Mr. Spacer.  We also have his spouse, Mrs. Spacer.  Caroline practiced her spelling words with him on Wednesday.  He's my newest trick for teaching my lefty.  It's pretty difficult to leave a finger space when you are a lefty because you have to cross your hands and it just doesn't work.  I even made a paintbrush image of him and inserted it onto our worksheet.


Carrie S. said...

Hmmm...I'll have to save your spacer idea for later. Looks like we will have a lefty, as well!