Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Part 1

We started the morning out making strawberry and blueberry muffins.
Then, the girls decorated our star sugar cookies while the muffins baked.

We had a yummy, patriotic breakfast, and then it was on to decorating the wagon for the neighborhood parade.  I keep our decorations each year, so some of these date all the way back to Caroline's first 4th of July.  The pinwheels are a couple years old and Charlotte got a kick out of blowing on them.

Next, the girls made necklaces out of the remainder of our star beads from years past.  I cut up some blue and red straws to stretch the bead supply.  The girls liked the straws so much that it looks like we'll have our star beads for yet another year.  Caroline made a pattern on her necklace of red straw, blue straw, white star.