Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome Home

I had lots of fun surprises for the girls when they came home.

First, I had rearranged their room so their beds were parallel instead of an "L" shaped arrangement.  This of course, also meant that I had to move the wooden letters for each of their names.  I also moved the nursery nightstand in so they each had a bedside table.  Mom said that Caroline was very excited when she noticed the change and called for Charlotte to come see.

After a quick lunch, we put Charlotte down for her nap.  Then, Caroline and I made some red, white, and blue strawberries (dipped in white chocolate with blue sprinkles).  Caroline did all the dipping and I did the sprinkles. 

Then, we rolled and cut out some star sugar cookies.

Once Charlotte was awake, we make flour stars in the front yard.  I'd seen this in a magazine.  It worked pretty well and they are even lasted through a couple times that I watered the yard the following week.  The one on the side walk looked best.

Finally, after dinner, we all went to the pool.  The slide was not working... which Kevin found out the hard way.  But it was fun for Caroline to show off all her great swimming skills.


Ashley Howard said...

The stars are super cute! might have to try that sometime!