Friday, July 8, 2011

Little swimmer

Caroline is progressing so well in learning to swim!!

We went to the pool last night and I decided to have her swim with her head down in the water, instead of trying to keep it above water.  So, she held her breath (which she'd been practicing in the baby pool) and swam from the steps to me, and back again.  She did great!!  And it's much easier for mommy to watch her swim, knowing she has a breath in there, than watch her barely tread water.

We also practiced jumping into the pool.  She still likes me to hold her through the entire process, but this time, I had her hold her breath so I could pull her all the way under the water.  She was really excited to feel her feet touch the bottom.

The pool was kind of empty, so we were sitting the girls on the bottom of the slide and letting them scoot off.  Caroline even scooted herself up into the slide a bit and slid back down.  After all this, we encouraged Caroline to put on her floaties and go down the slide for real. She did and repeated it about a dozen times.  Yay, for our brave little girl.

All our fun was doused when someone threw up in the pool and they had to close it.  Um, yeh, that someone was Caroline.  I think she just over exherted herself and probably drank a bit too much pool water.  Oh well, it was only 20 minutes to closing time anyway.