Friday, April 8, 2011

Rubbing plates

Here's one thing that I love about doing home preschool... I saw this post on rubbing plates a couple hours ago and we've already tried it! You just use a push pin to punch holes in the cardboard from a cereal box (using a folded towel underneath) and then you turn it over to do crayon rubbings. Caroline punched a heart and I punched the alphabet (you have to do it backwards and inverted - I only messed up the 'J'). It was a fun afternoon activity to fit into our new afternoon routine. Charlotte goes down for her nap, Caroline has "academic" computer time (ie. no cheating and watching PBS kids online shows - that's just the same as TV time), and I do my quiet time. Then Caroline and I do some kind of supplemental school work like reading a book and talking about the main idea, or handwriting practice, or art. And miracle of miracles, a few times a week we actually get dinner under way. Caroline took pictures of her completed rubbing plate (I think she's a little blogger in training).