Saturday, March 26, 2011

MOPS Garage Sale

Well, another successful MOPS garage sale is now under my belt. It was great fun to be able to serve and organize for another year, even though I'm only in MOPS in spirit this year.

Kevin's mom was gracious enough to help me with the girls again this year so I could set up and sort on Thursday and Friday. I also had the great blessing of a co-organizer this year. She learned the ropes for next year, and it was great to share the load with her.

There's usually one or two things that creates a little extra stress each year. This year, it was signage and the horrible couches we had to dispose of at the end of the sale (thankfully, they disapearred from the church curb rather quickly).

But, all in all, I really had fun. I love doing the garage sale. It's fun to serve the volunteers and chat with the shoppers. I love a good deal whether I'm getting it or giving it to someone else. I also love getting to have first shot at all the merchandise.

After the sale, I had my annual pedicure and watched the girls play dress up. It's our new favorite playtime. Charlotte is obsessed with the Snow White dress. Caroline likes her ballerina leotard, but will also settle for any of her other costumes when changing clothes isn't an option.

Another fun thing about the garage sale is that Kevin puts his chef hat on for the day. Last year, he made me enchilladas and this year, homemade pizza was on the menu. He made the dough from scratch and even got portabella mushrooms and alfredo sauce for mine.

Caroline chose to put rasins on hers. Yummy?