Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break

The girls and I got to host house guests for spring break. My college friend Julie and her two kids, Alyssa and Zack, came down to visit for a week. It was a fun week of tea parties, dress up, playing outside, going to a park for a picnic, visiting a duck pond, doing play dough, and lots of other fun things. Poor Zack was stuck doing breathing treatments part of the time, and Julie got to listen to my one sided conversation for a few days since she had lost her voice. But by the end of the week, I think we got all our catching up done. We got to catch up with two of our other friends from college for a lunch playdate. It was Julie, Jennifer, Christie and me. When we met three years ago for the same lunch date, we had three children and one "cooking." Now, we had nine children between us and one "cooking" (not me). I guess we've all been busy! I was so impressed with how well all the kids played together. They had fun playing T-ball, playhouse, and sand table in the back yard. It was funny that the kids congregated in whatever area the mommies were trying to visit in. Then the babies all had naps and we parted ways again.

It warmed up towards the end of the week, so Caroline and Alyssa got to get in a little water play. The car wash bucket is my stand by for simple water fun. Imersing herself in the bucket is a favorite of Caroline's. It takes talent and flexibility.

Thanks Julie (and Traci) for braving the trip with all those kiddos!!