Saturday, March 19, 2011

Home Preschool - Week 8 - Letter T (9 and 10)

We've had several random weeks of preschool due to all three of us girls being sick off and on this month. We spent a week reviewing H and starting on the letter T. Then we had an official week on letter T, that was half planned out, but we got in most of our normal activities even though I didn't get it written on my lesson chart. Caroline also finished her Kindergarten reading program from Hooked on Phonics this week (March 10th). She's already been reading ahead in her 1st grade program. Letter of the Week: March 7-11 Letter of the Week: T Verse: "Thou shalt not steal" Bible Story: My ABC Bible Verses Circle Time Rhyme: I'm a little Teapot Circle Time Song: Trust and Obey Then we did a St. Patrick's day painting project and stickers during Spring Break while we had friends visiting. And after they were gone, we did a review handwriting page for all the letters we've worked on so far.