Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sleeping Beauties

I love sneaking pictures of the girls sleeping. I don't think of doing it very often, but I'm sure the pictures I have will capture this moment in time. I love catching them in funny poses and standing there trying to figure out what their little minds were thinking while they were on their own waiting for sleep to come. Like, why on earth would you put your stool on top of yourself during naptime? I'm sure Caroline had a good reason at the time. I should have asked her about it more thoroughly, but I guess I didn't. Especiallly since she is so hard to wake up from naptime. And I wonder if Charlotte just falls down on her bed out of pure exhaustion when she's half in and half out. This happened two or three times during the first month of her transition into the big girl room. Or maybe the mattress just makes a better pillow.

Caroline doesn't take regular naps. She usually stays up and does stuff with me, or plays quietly while Charlotte naps in their room. But if she's going to practice with Kevin, I require her to take a nap. Napping together hasn't gone as well as going to bed at nighttime, so one of the girls ends up napping in my room. To appease Caroline, on one such occassion, I let her listen to Charlotte (and their CD player) through the monitor. I love how Caroline must have wanted to be so connected to Charlotte that she fell asleep with her hand reaching out for the baby monitor.

And a final "Sleeping Beauty" story. Caroline was telling Charlotte about the movie "Sleeping Beauty" and was discussing how scarry it was for the prince to fight the dragon to save his princess. She concluded, though, that the fighting was worth it because "in the end, they were ever so happy." And she emphasized their happiness by saying it with a sugary, breathless voice that can only belong to a true Disney princess fan.