Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekends with Grandad

We spent two weekends in March in College Station visiting Kevin's parents. Kevin's dad was home from Iraq for his final R&R before he comes home for good this summer. The entire family is looking forward to having more Grandad time in the future, and I'm sure Grandad looks forward to it most of all. The first weekend, we had another birthday celebration for Charlotte (and we celebrated Grandad's birthday too). Kevin and Caroline also camped out in the backyard on Friday night. A front ended up coming through and we rescued them from the tent at 5am. The front brought colder weather than I had packed for, so we spent a lot of time just staying inside where it was warm. The weather was nicer for our second weekend, so the kids spent some time outside riding around on power toys. Kevin got out Grandad's BB gun for some target practice. Caroline even got to take a shot - although we later figured out that we had the gun positioned incorrectly for our lefty. Caroline and Paige formed a fun bond during this visit. In the past, Caroline has played with Seth and Charlotte has played with Paige. But this time, the girls had lots of fun hanging out together in the playroom. Here they are cuddled up watching a movie.


Carrie S. said...

Your hair is getting so long, Margaret! Cute!