Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's at Ainsley Courte

We had our monthly visit to Ainsley Courte a few days before Valentine's Day. All the kids in our group brought valentine's for the residents and enjoyed passing them out to everyone. Then the kids played and had fun with our toys and books. The mardi gras necklaces are always a big hit when I bring them.

The younger babies are mobile now, so it's lots of fun to watch them explore, and a challenge to wrangle them in the great room.

The girls wore their shirts that we made with handprint hearts. They turned out really cute, but Caroline was very opposed to the process of getting paint on her hands.

Then, it was off to Chic-Fil-A for our traditional meal... 8 piece chicken nuggets for the girls to share, a chicken sandwich (hold the pickle, add tomato) for mom, a waffle fry for us all to share, and three waters. Don't forget we need two placemats.

Caroline wanted Celeste to sit with her, so she joined us at the Welch table. After eating, the girls went and played in the play area. This was my first time to let Charlotte play in there without me. I told her to hold Caroline's hand and off they went. Caroline was a very good big sister and watched out for Charlotte well. And mommy got to visit with Genevieve and Angela!!