Sunday, February 13, 2011

Home Preschool Week 5b - Here comes V-day

With Charlotte having two ear infections and strep throat during the month of February, we ended up having several off weeks and this was another one.

Caroline had fun painting a snowman and doing snowman stickers with Charlotte. She drew rollerskates on one of them. We also worked on reviewing the "ck" lesson we'd done a previous week. Since she gets to going so fast that she just guesses at the sound the middle vowel makes, I cut the words up and had her sort them into columns based on the vowel.

We also worked on a Valentine's day poster for daddy. I used painters tape to outline and heart and let the girls go to town painting with red, white, and pink paint. They also used heart cookie cutters as stamps. Then, I removed the tape and there was a pretty heart.

Caroline and I also made small heart sugar cookies with my heart fondant cutter. Then we dipped them in white and semi-sweet chocolate and put Valentine sprinkles on top. Super yummy! The white chocolate are my favorite.

We got some Valentine's money from my folks, so we treated our family to dinner out at On the Border. The girls enjoyed coloring their menus and loading up on chips and queso.