Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It's official, Charlotte is moving into Caroline's room (Feb. 15th).

Kevin and I have been waffling back and forth on this issue for a few months as Charlotte's 2nd birthday has been approaching. Almost exactly on Caroline's 2nd birthday, we moved her to a bed and out of the nursery.

The girls have been enjoying having little sleepovers with each other on the weekends. Sometimes with the pack 'n play in Caroline's room and sometimes with Caroline sleeping on the guest bed in the nursery. They did excellent this weekend, so we figured we'd ride the wave and make it official.

We've been contemplating bunk beds, but we decided to go with the free option of sliding the mattress out of the daybed trundle and putting it on the floor for Charlotte. So, the big shifting of furniture took place last night to make a spot for Charlotte's bed.

Caroline was a little tramatized by all the change. Kevin and I have long been aware that Caroline doesn't do well when her "cheese" is moved. But we got through it with some communicating and a promise that she can try out Charlotte's bed someday during naptime (since I'm planning on Charlotte still taking her afternoon nap in her crib).

The girls were really cute getting ready for bed last night. Caroline pulled the extra stool into the bathroom and helped put Charlotte's toothepaste on her toothbrush so they could brush together.

Charlotte is always very excited when she sleeps with Caroline. There's lots of joyous squeals and bouncing on the bed. Some of the new excitement is that she isn't in the pack 'n play. But the girls did eventually go to sleep after Kevin sat in with them for a bit. Caroline actually fell asleep while he was in the room and then Charlotte fell asleep after he left.

After one week, we finally figured out that we need to put Charlotte to bed and let Caroline stay up another half hour. That way, Charlotte has most of her tossing and turning out of her system and even though she is awake, she stays pretty quiet while Caroline falls asleep. It cuts down on lots of tattling.

Charlotte got her first night gown for her 2nd birthday later in the month and grandma got Caroline one to match. The girls are so cute in them.

And just in case anyone is wondering, we have no announcements about a future full-time resident for the nursery. Maybe in a year or so.


Marianne said...

I am glad you put that last sentence in because I was wondering. What are you going to do with the nursery room?

the_Tmac said...

oh fun, I can't wait to move my boys in together too! the little one just started sleeping through the night. how early did you move your little one to a regular bed?