Sunday, February 20, 2011

Home Preschool Week 6 - Letter A

Week: Feb 14-18
Letter of the Week: A
Verse: Proverbs 15:1 "A soft answer turns away wrath"
Bible Story: My ABC Bible Verses
Circle Time Rhyme: Hurray for A
Circle Time Song: All in All
Monday: Letter Activity - Do-a-dot
Caroline: HWT
Charlotte: Letter A coloring page
Tuesday: Hooked on Phonics - Letter A Cut & Paste
Caroline : Kindergarten Yellow 2:65 HOP Book 12 "Tick-Tock" and 2:66 (compound words)
Charlotte: Basket
HOP expansion (optional) Compound Word Apple Trees
Wednesday: BSF - BSF
Thursday: Math, Science, etc. - Ant fingerprints/Stamps
Caroline: Bible verse copy work
Charlotte: Bible verse coloring page
Baskets: 1 - Large Wooden Beads
Baskets: 2 - Pattern blocks
Baskets: 3 - Colored popsicle stick sorting
Baskets: 4 - MAF (airplane) coloring book

The girls and I ended up being sick all week, but we managed to do all the days I scheduled for school. My favorite activity was the compound word worksheet that I created. It went along with our HOP lesson that introduced compound words. I took the words from the lesson and split them between two apples. Then, Caroline had to glue the apples in the tree that was labeled with the correct compound word.

Our Bible verse this week was "A soft answer turns away wrath." It's been a really great verse to look back on over the month especially with a younger sibling that should be spoken to in a kind way. The verse even came up at the end of the month when Caroline was playing with cousins. Kevin was correcting Caroline and asking her if she knew a verse about speaking kindly. She realized that she did and ran over to explain the verse to Brent. Then Kevin recorrected her that it was her that needed to speak kindly, and she said "oh, I see."