Saturday, February 26, 2011

Home Preschook Week 7 - Letter H

Week: Feb 21-25
Letter of the Week: H
Verse: Romans 12:10 "Honor one another above yourselves."
Bible Story: 20 Bible Verses Every Kid Should Know "Be Kind to Others"
Circle Time Rhyme: Humpty Dumpty (with bean bag motions)
Circle Time Song: If you are happy and you know it
Monday: Letter Activity - Do-a-dot
Caroline: HWT
Charlotte: Letter H coloring page
Tuesday: Hooked on Phonics - Letter H Cut & Paste
Caroline : Kindergarten Yellow 2:67 Review page with Eye spy sheet
Charlotte: Basket
Wednesday: BSF - BSF
Thursday: Math, Science, etc. - Letter H practice
Caroline: Left/right worksheets from and
Charlotte: Letter H coloring page
Friday: Zoo
Caroline: Bible verse copywork
Baskets: 1 - Large Wooden Beads
Baskets: 2 - Pattern blocks
Baskets: 3 - Colored popsicle stick sorting
Baskets: 4 - Old school projects

We did a ton of schoolwork this week. Caroline has mostly mastered left from right. We've been talking about it in relation to saying the pledge with our right hand over our heart, but Caroline's been asking lots of right and left questions. So I printed two worksheets and she completed them without any help.

I made up an "I Spy" sort of worksheet with clip art images to help her do a review page in HOP. In order to circle the matching pictures, she ended up having to read the 30 some review words.

We also did "rainbow letters" for H this week. I found this on another website. Basically, you just trace over the same letter in all the rainbow colors. It turns out really pretty, and works in handwriting repetition while feeling like an art project instead of a boring worksheet.

I found a new way to use our Do-A-Dot pages. We've been just coloring in the circles since we don't have Do-A-Dot markers. But this week, we painted them with q-tips. Perfect! And super easy to clean up.

And now for a fun way to describe our week:

H is for... how many pictures did I take before I got a good one? I love these plaid shirts that grandma got the girls. We had to pose a backyard picture. The answer, by the way, is four pictures. The weather was so lovely this week. We played outside a lot.

H is for... Happy Birthday to mommy with happy breakfast faces.
H is for... house, as in getting the old wardrobe box house out of the garage and setting it up in the living room for two weeks.

H is for... handwashing, even when you play outside. Charlotte has been really cute playing in the playhouse. We've been cutting some wooden/velcro fruit that she got for Christmas and now she pretends to cut the plastic food that we keep in the outside playhouse with an old plastic knife. Then she pretends to turn on the faucet, rub soap on her hands, and rinse them off.

H is for... hurray, when you sink your put.

H is for... helping mommy bake Charlotte's birthday cake. The mixer is very loud. But the beaters offer a nice reward. Mommy did the decorating. And then we used the decorating leftovers to finish off the Valentine's sugar cookies.

H is for... hookey. We skipped all our Friday school plans and headed to the zoo!!