Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day girls!! And for breakfast, we are having leftover pancakes cut with a heart cookie cutter, with toaster pastry icing drizzled on top, red sprinkles, and strawberries on the side. I got the girls new flip-flops, but they ended up being a size too small. They were really excited about them though. We'll have to pick out another pair later.

For lunch, cheese cut with a heart fondant cutter, sandwhich/crackers, banana in the shape of a heart, and red jello. Charlotte wasn't into the jello... who doesn't like jello?

Kevin got the girls a Mickey and Minnie Mouse doll that dances and plays "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" when you press the wrist. Minnie's battery must be a little lower though because even if they start at the same time, she ends up lagging behind.

Caroline took some self portraits for us.

Kevin got me some red roses that bloomed as the week went on. They were pretty to look at all week while the girls and I recovered from a virus. Kevin had also helped the girls make cards for me. Caroline wrote out "Happy Valentine's Day" but the letters are written in a spiral all over the page.