Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dancing Darlings

We got a second leotard in a batch of hand-me downs. Even tough it's Caroline's size, Charlotte likes to wear it.

She calls it "heart jammies." I guess it comes from the fact that she wants to take off her regular clothes to wear it. Which sometimes she and I have disagreements about since the weather has been below freezing a few times this month and I like her to keep long sleeves on underneath.

She's also wearing Caroline's church shoes in this picture.

The girls are dancing to "Just Dance for Kids" on the Wii. They like the song "Beautiful Life." Charlotte calls it the "Uh Oh" song because that is part of the chorus. I think they also like it because there is an aquarium backdrop and they like to point out that a shark swims by.


Carrie S. said...

Zack is all about fish and aquariums right now! I guess they have an allure to kids.

katym said...

caroline is an excellent dancer! charlotte seems to have her own dance going on. i almost lost it at, "it's another shark!" so cute. miss them!