Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Goodness

- Charlotte can say more of Caroline's name this week. Now instead of "Ca-nee," she says "Ca-ine."
- Caroline discovered that Charlotte's baby monitor can be used as an intercom. Today, she was yelling through it to tell me that the girl's cartoon wasn't working on the TiVo.
- Caroline and John came up with a hilarious game at the lunch table yesterday. The apparent object of the game is to say the word "soccer" followed by another word (usually something you spy in the room), and then to laugh hysterically. For example, "SOCCER-Window, ahahahaha!" Charlotte was laughing pretty hard too, but Lizzie wasn't so easily amused.
- If you listen to Charlotte's chest with the toy stethescope, she will take enormous breaths so you can listen to her lungs.
- And here's some pictures of my silly girls...


Mom said...

Mommy, Caroline, and Charlotte...you are SO silly! You made Grandma laugh ah,ah,ah,ah,ah!
Thanks, girls!


Carrie S. said...