Sunday, January 23, 2011

Home Preschool - Wk 3 (Teeth)

With Caroline's second attempt at a dental visit coming up this week, we spent the week talking about teeth and saying kind things.

Jan 17-21
Letter of the Week: Teeth
Verse: Ephesians 4:29a (ICB) “When you talk, do not say harmful things.”
Bible Story: Little Book Devotions: Kindness, pg 29
Circle Time Activity: Things we do with our mouths (charades)
Circle Time Song: I've Been Brushing
Monday: Letter Activity - Teeth minibook from
Caroline: L & F practice sheet
Charlotte: Do-a-dot
Tuesday: Brushing teeth coloring page from
Caroline : Spelling practice with Words Jars and magnetic letters
Charlotte: Leapfrog ABCs
Wednesday: BSF - BSF/Caroline's dentist appt.
Thursday: Caroline: Math puzzle
Charlotte: Peg shape stacker
Friday: Arts and Crafts - Toothbrush art
Caroline: Handwriting Bible verse
Baskets: 1 - Suction cup/medicine dropper
Baskets: 2 - Math puzzle
Baskets: 3 - Candyland castle shape matching
Baskets: 4 - Words I know jars

Playing with medicine droppers and colored water are always a huge hit with both girls.

Caroline and I spent almost two hours writing and illustrating our own book. It's a story that we've made up and retold many times at the lunch table. It's about the three little pigs going to the bounce house with their daddy and the big bad wolf is there. The story prompt itself is all Caroline's idea. She was in a Three Little Pigs phase and also really loved going to the bounce house. Mommy used the story to throw in a character lesson about being kind and sharing the bounce house with the big, bad wolf. I wrote it all out and drew illustrations while Caroline colored them.

Painting with toothbrushes was something we'd never done before. And it was a good excuse for the girls to get new toothbrushes, so we could paint with their old ones. I just drew the teeth on a dark paper with a white paint pen.