Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Road trip

Caroline, Charlotte, and I took a mini-road trip to see my college friend, Julie, in Grand Prairie. I'd long wanted to visit Julie since she had her second baby, but I finally got up the courage to brave the road with Charlotte on my own (she's not the best road tripper since she doesn't always sleep in the car when she should).

We had fun hanging out, catching up on chit chat during naptimes, watching the kids play, and eating homemade ice cream sandwiches at this place called Sweet Sammies (if you live near Ft. Worth, it's super yummy!!).

We had good intentions of riding the train at the park by the Ft. Worth zoo, but it ended up beign closed. So, we went to a nearby park. The kids had a lot of fun playing.

The girls got to try out two kinds of play equipment for the first time. One was the merry go round. I was surprised that Caroline let me push it as fast as I did.

Here's the other thing that they got to try for the first time. Julie and I call it the Hamburger since we remember them resembling the Hamburglar at McDonalds when we were kids - you know, when the McDonalds playgrounds used to be outside and not a maze of tubes and slides.

It was a good trip despite both the girls being on less than their best behavior. We'd recently given up Charlotte's pacifier and by day two, Julie ended up letting us have one of Zach's. From then on out, it was a lot easier.