Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home Preschool - Week 3

I'm pretty sure that we did things a little bit off this week since I babysat extra kiddos on three days and Caroline got a jump start on her folders without me at one point. We did the train theme since we went to ride trains that Saturday. It was fun to build up all week.


SONG: This is the day that the Lord has made
CALENDAR: Days of the week song
BIBLE STORY: Balaam (Numbers 22)
MEMORY VERSE: Proverbs 19:20 “Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise.”

Making letters from wooden train track.

FAMILY: School coloring page from
SCHOOL: HOP Lesson; Yellow Kindergarten CD 2:8-11 (Word play with letter cards and learning “-ox”)

FAMILY: Ride on toys
SCHOOL: Folders
M&M: Number train (1-15) - Make an Engine and print traceable numbers on paper strips. Idea from Made original worksheet.
SELF: Train dot to dot (I filled in with ABCs)

FAMILY: Walk with wagon (Up and down in my little red wagon song)
SCHOOL: Folders
M&M: Square and circle punches to make her own train.
SELF: Finish drawing the rectangles on the train

Here is a HOP activity that I made. There was a review page several weeks ago (during the plurals lesson) that had over 40 words on it. They are all words she knows, but I think the size of the task just overwhelmed her. I modified it in two ways. First, I copied the page and let her circle the words she knew. Then, I copied the page again and cut the words apart. I put them all in the red jar labeled "Words to practice." We dumped them all out on a solid colored place mat and she picked and chose words to read and move to the green jar labeled "Words I know." Sometimes she'd select a word and say she didn't know it, and put it in the red jar. We worked on it a handful of times before she finally got them all in the green jar. At least two of the times, she got it out all on her own and would bring me a word and say, "Does this say ____?"

Here are the girls coloring their school picture on Monday since our theme was "teachable" and there wasn't a Bible coloring page to go with our story.

We did some rice pouring this week and Caroline got to use a funnel. Not as tidy a project as beans, as you'll see in the last picture.

Here are the girls coloring a train picture on another day. Charlotte has advanced to using the markers that have the lids stuck in plaster of paris. She does really well at putting them away. She even accidentally figured out that you can stack a marker in another marker's end.

She's also a little confused between markers and crayons or chalk. She been handing me crayons and sidewalk chalk with other short pieces because I think she wants me to "put the lid on" and gets very frustrated at me when I can't oblidge.

Caroline eventually drew a mouse in the back of her train (Mickey, I guess) and put smoke coming out of the smoke stack (which isn't something I've modeled, so I was very impressed she picked up on).

Notice Charlotte coloring the table in the next one... see, my kids aren't perfect.

Another train track letter that Caroline took a photo of (see previous post for more on this lesson).