Saturday, September 18, 2010

Zube park train

After having a breakfast of champions (aka donuts), we headed to ride the Zube park train to spend a Saturday morning NOT remodeling the bathroom.

It's a fun event put on the third Saturday of the month by HALS (Houston Area Live Steamers).
There were five couples in all, from our ABF at church that met up with us there. Here we are waiting with Ann and John. It was about a 45 minutes wait when we got there, but thankfully, the lines are all under the shade of the depot.

When it was our turn, Caroline held on tight (as you can probably tell). Kevin sat behind us and after a minute, was able to get Caroline to relax and sit with him. Charlotte did really well sitting in front of me. I thought she'd get fidgetty, but sat perfectly still. It was a decent lenght ride too - 15 minutes maybe. My favorite part was riding through the woods with the cool air in the shade blowing in our faces.
There were several little models and houses along the way to look at.
After the ride, we walked over to another area where they have a track for smaller trains.
Then we drove to a park next door and had a really fun picnic with all our friends. We had two sun tents and a nice breeze. We even got some free hot dogs from the Tea Party that had a tent set up nearby. What a fun day!!