Sunday, September 26, 2010

Potty and other Charlotte updates

Charlotte went potty two times this weekend (making a grand total of three times).

Once, was on Saturday. She was already in a fresh morning diaper and then after breakfast, while Caroline was getting dressed, Charlotte brought me two diapers, and then put the step stool by the potty. She was really telling me she wanted to sit on the potty. So, I put her up there and sure enough, less than 2 minutes and she went.

Then, today, Sunday, she seemed to say "potty." She and I went back and forth a bit on if she wanted to go (me being lazy and not wanting to take her). She played a bit in the bathroom, but then I finally put her up there and low and behold, success!

I think after our cruise, we will try switching to pull-ups and going on a schedule. I can't believe she may already be to this phase. At this rate, could I actually make it to a diaper free house before we make plans for a baby three??? I'm hopeful.

Other news on Charlotte is that she talks constantly. I'm just eating her up, she's so precious. All day long it's "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy," "help," "all done," "eyes, nose, mouth, ears," "book," and so many other things.

And she sings along to songs, holding her mouse and sounds out to go along with the real words (like Amazing Grace).

And today, she came right in close and kissed me on the mouth. Then I told her to kiss daddy, and she did. Then she said "Ca-ine" and the two sisters had a big smooch. Not the best thing to encourage this time of year, but so sweet and cute.

When Charlotte has her turn to pray, we have her say "Thank you - Jesus - for - food - mommy - daddy - and Caroline. - Amen." Lately, she throws in "milk" all on her own. And Caroline likes her to also say "bunny."