Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bathroom update

Sometimes, I feel like we'll be remodelling this bathroom FOR-E-VER!! But it's coming along.

We've got one more evening to grout remaining. We got this fancy smancy grout that comes in very small buckets. We've already used 8 and hope to only need 3-4 more. Crazy!!

Our shower doors have been on order for a week. I hope they'll be in a week from now, but really, I have no idea.

We are holding off installing the toilet and "over the john" cabinet until the shower doors are in.
I have some caulking to do around the tub.
Re-install a marble trim piece on the vanity and the big slad that covers the side of the tub (I hope it still fits right). Then more caulking of those.
The shower and tub faucets need to go in and I need to touch up paint.

Here's some pictures from Sept. 15th. The girls are finally allowed in the bathroom now that we have flooring, and they are having tons of fun getting in and out of the shower area.