Sunday, September 26, 2010

Caroline updates

Caroline and I only have two pages plus one chapter left in Charlottes web. It's such a good book for an early reader because there are so many words that I can let her read with me. It's been a lot of fun.

Kevin was at a men's retreat for our church this weekend - playing guitar with the praise team, of course. So, Caroline and mommy had our own little sleepover. She earned getting to stay up late and sleep with me by having at least one of these five little pumpkins left in a butter dish for not fussing at me during the day. On Friday, we watched "The Pirate Movie" and on Saturday, we watched "Singing in the Rain." It's so much fun to cuddle up in my bed with her and watch TV. She's always so affectionate - giving me kisses and telling me she loves me every 15 minutes. It's so fun to see that side of her.

She pointed out one night that my legs were longer under the covers than hers. She said that when she got big, hers would be long too.

We talked about getting married when a bride was in a scene. She said she needed to find a boy to get married and when I asked her who she wanted to marry, she said daddy. I politely told her that he's taken.

Caroline's been getting to put on lipstick on Sunday afternoons for acting like a lady during church (ie. keeping her dress and legs down so her panties don't flash). The funny part is that it isn't the wearing of the lipstick she likes, but making kiss marks on a napkin. Which works out for us because the lipstick is off as soon as we put it on.

Circle time is Caroline's favorite part of home preschool. Last week, she decided that she wanted to be in charge on Friday, so that's going to be our new routine. She did amazingly well, retelling the story of Balaam and his talking donkey from our Bible book. She also directed the songs and calendar time.

Now that the pools are closed, Caroline has her first interest in swimming by herself (as opposed to needed to constantly be touching one of us). She had some success paddling around on a pool noodle at Henry's a few weeks back and has talked about it ever since. Her sister also wants to swim on her own. I think she'd be delighted if I just let go and let her paddle to her hearts content. Swimming lessons are high on my priority list for next year, so let me know as soon as you find out about any.