Saturday, September 11, 2010

Charlotte went potty!!

Charlotte pee'd in the potty today!!

I wasn't planning on potty training her at 18 months, but I've met a couple 18 month olds that were using the potty so the idea has been floating around my mind that Charlotte could be ready. She's a much better communicator than Caroline was at this age, and that was my major hold up in getting Caroline completely trained when we started at 2 years old (and finished at 2 1/2).

Anyway, we've set her on the potty a few times, so today, when she came bringing me some diapers, but was still completely dry, I asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty. To which she replied her usual, "u-huh" response. So off we went. An after about four minutes, she pee'd.

Probably a total fluke, but very exciting just the same.

She didn't seem very enthralled by all my excitement, so I don't know if she even knows what happened. She was just happy to hold her bath ducks while she sat.


Andrea said...

That is great! I hope she keeps up her interest and starts making connections and it's an overall easy process. :)

I started training Lydia at about 18 months as well. Two years later, we still weren't done, lol. I didn't want a repeat of that with B so I started him on the potty at 6 weeks old. He goes in the potty pretty regularly now, so it's possible that he could be trained BY 18 months. That would be cool. :)

Anyway if you haven't read Diaper Free Before Three, then it is a good one about early potty training. But if you're interested in Elimination Communication (which is what I do with Benjamin) then I recommend The Diaper Free Baby.