Friday, September 10, 2010

How to take a nap: Caroline style

First, climb into your pillow like it's a sleeping bag (this has been going on at all bedtimes for about a month now).
Then, scoot down to the end of your bed (it's been a gradual process, since she originally was trying to stay lower than where her comforter exposed the fitted sheet at the head of her bed).
Make sure all your guys are tucked in (a surprise during naptime this particular day).
Grab all your Groovy Girls (something new this particular day). Also, make sure to stack your blankets. Mickey's light green "cold blanket" gets folded on top, then the ABC blanket, pastel baby doll blanket, and finally the red blanket. I made the mistake of covering her with the red blanket after she was asleep one night. Kevin and I heard a faint noise in her room when we turned in and I went upstairs to find her on the floor refolding the red blanket.

Before you turn in, the kitchen must be in order too. So arrange all your baby doll bottles in the fridge. Mickey needs cold milk when he wakes up (she's done this the past two days).

To protect all your arranging from you baby sister, put the rocking chair in front of the door. And for added protect, add the buckets of play food that you removed from the kitchen.

And last but not least, make sure your CD player is on REPEAT for song 2, "Don't let me go." This has been going on for months. And when we turn it off after she's asleep, she'll come downstairs at 3 am to get us to put it back on her song. So now, we just turn the volume down as much as possible.

Oh, and at bedtime, when I moved her pillow, I also discovered that our next two E.B. White chapter books were under her pillow... just in case we finish Charlotte's Web while she's asleep, I guess.