Monday, August 2, 2010

Song and Dance

I think I've already posted several times about how much we love the High Seas Expedition VBS music. It's Charlotte's favorite thing. I'm sure we play the CD at least once a day. And boy does it get the girls dancing. We made some video on Sunday afternoon. The girls are still in their matching church dresses and are playing with the dress up beads. What a great toy!! If you have girls and don't have a shoebox full of mardi gras beads, then you are missing out on all the fun. I also noticed that Charlotte really likes this necklace set that Granny bought for Caroline last year, with one large bead hanging from it. She had all five of them on at one point and it has to be intentional.

Notice in the first video, Charlotte sings the "o-o-ohs." She's doing her side to side dance. And of course, we clap at the end of every song.

Then, we have the second video. She's showing how she likes to move her arms here. And Caroline is doing a great job singing.

Then, we have the last video, with my favorite dance of all. I guess it's a bob, but it's almost a jump.


mindy said...

That's the VBS we did at our church this year. I think it's been my favorite music so far. We sold out of the CDs and I even had to order about 10-15 more. Great music, great bible points and stories. All and all, very well done. Landon LOVES the music, he is only 2 1/2 but is constantly saying "another song" in the car.

Mom said...

I agree that this year's VBS music was really catchy and fun! I am playing it everyday in Red Rabbit (my car). It's become my summer soundtrack!

Do you think Charlotte's moves are learned from seeing kids performing to these songs? You do a lot of arm movements for "Shout to the North". She's such a darling! There's just nothing cuter than watching a baby get caught up in music like this.

And Caroline, I will be down in a couple of weeks to sing and dance, too. So keep practicing and having fun!