Monday, August 2, 2010

Ahhh, routine

Last week was a much needed, back to normal, week for us. It had been a crazy previous two weeks with Bible Camp, Vacation, and a Girl's getaway night for my friend Becky that is going away to Indonesia this Fall.

I'm working on reading with Caroline. We just got Hooked on Phonics. "Hooked on Phonics worked for me!" Ha ha ha ha. We had a few rough days because she's a little immature to express her frustration when she can't read something, but I gave her a technique to express herself with and now she's voluntarily pointing out words when we read regular books together. I wait until she points one out and then I start tracking with my finger and letting her read all the words that she knows. That's been reassuring that I'm not pushing her into it.

Charlotte is a hoot. She has such personality. She loves to dance to the CD we have of VBS music. She's also on the verge of a verbal explosion. I think she repeats a new word everyday. She said "pool" today and said a "bible/bubble" word the other day which I finally heard in context with "bottle" today. Another cute thing is that she claps and cheers when we pull into the driveway coming home from an outing.