Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to school supplies

Last post for tonight, I promise.

Just wanted to remind everyone that back-to-school supplies are out and cheap.

Now is the time to stock up on any craft supplies you may want to use with your preschooler this year. Especially, safety scissors, which are harder to find during the year. Think ahead, a year is a long time and your child will be ready to try new activities that they may not be doing now.

And, now is also the time if you want to buy art supplies to save for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

I still have more than half of the mega pack of glue sticks that I bought last year, but I did grab some extra white glue (25 cents at Wal-mart). I also got some folders that I may try to use for our home preschool this year. I made a clip-art label to paper clip to them so Caroline knows if it is an activity to do with mommy or by herself. She was very into it when we did two activities today... and worked better doing her independent activity which she usually employs me to do with her (more for the attention than lack of skill).

Watercolors are also a good deal to stock up on for preschoolers, since they always end up such a mess after a few uses.


Mom said...

I know! Wal-mart practically gives the stuff away!! God bless them:)

Have you seen the Crayola markers? The barrels are BLACK! They claim they're made from recycled plastics. It kind of freaked me out though when I poured new sets into my classroom baskets!