Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Goldilocks and the three bears

I read on a children's learning blog, that having children retell a story helps with their comprehension.

Caroline has really been picking up on stories lately. We've re-enacted the Three Little Pigs with a playset that we have, and at breakfast and lunch, she sometimes retells this Donald Duck/Chip and Dale and the boat story.

We had gotten a Goldilocks and the Three Bears book at the library and then I ran across printable cutouts for them on a new website I was searching.


Here's a video of her telling the story to Kevin. I think this was her second time to tell the story with the cutouts. We took turns coloring them all and while I cut out most of them, she cut out the bowls all by herself.


Mom said...

Dear Caroline,
You did such a great job telling the story of The Three Bears! I like the way you did the bears' different voices...especiall the Papa Bear! I will listen to this tonight and it can be Grandma's bedtime story. This was fun!


the_Tmac said...

hey margaret! i have been wanting to find your blog, i remember julie told me about it a while back. we are working on home schooling our kiddos for pre-school this year, too. i love your posts - your kids are lucky to have you!