Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday afternoon - Souvenirs, Portraits, and Jonah

After lunch, we headed into Galveston to find souvenirs. After the first store was a bit of a dud for finding stuff for kids, we hit the jackpot at the second shop. Of course, all the kids chose toys for Grandma and Grandpa to buy them instead of somethign with Galveston Island written on it. Brent got a light want, Jenna got a kitty cat, Caroline picked out a mermaid playset, and Charlotte got a glitter ball. I found my usual ornament and a picture frame.

The kids had naps and watched Finding Nemo and then I wanted some more beach photos so Charlotte could wear the outfit that Caroline had on when we were in Florida two years ago. The sun was a bit bright for Kevin and Caroline's sensative eyes, but we got some nice shots.

While we cleaned up from dinner, the kids and I talked about Jonah and used up some of our Bible Camp stickers. Jenna even wanted to write the story of Jonah (which she kept calling Noah) on her picture, so she wrote what I dictated.