Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday evening - Beach and Birds

We were on the beach again after dinner. Having had enough Jellyfish stings for the day, we kept the kids up on the edge of the surf. They didn't care though, they had tons of fun running in the waves.

Charlotte enjoyed her favorite pastime of taking shells out of a bucket.

Jenna and Grandpa were on Jellyfish patrol. Grandpa scooped up at least two in his bucket and depositted them far away from us.

Later, Mom and I took the big kids for a walk down the shore. We must have found twenty Jellyfish beached on the sand. I started drawing circles around them, so we'd be able to avoid them on the walk back. Brent became an expert spotter and had the best time drawing circles around his finds. We also spotted some kind of sea snake or eel, trying to come out of it's hole in the sand. It looked like a crab leg at first, but upon further observation, it had a mouth and was breathing. It only came out about four inches, but that was enough for us to want to keep our distance.

Grandma had fun lifting Charlotte out of the waves while the other children were playing in the surf.

Then, we got some of our leftover bread and fed the birds. There were no birds in sight when we started, but they quickly figured out that we had something they wanted. It was really neat to see them all swarming around Mom and the kids. And they are much more polite than the ducks we feed our bread to at the duck ponds at home.