Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Morning - Snacks, Sandcastles, and Sandy Feet

My brother had headed home a day early, so no one was sleeping on the couch. Once everyone was in bed, Kevin and I shifted Charlotte's Pack 'n Play to the living room before we went to bed last night. Charlotte got to have an early breakfast with Grandpa this morning. I didn't get to sleep in very long though, my clock is set to wake up with the girls.

After breakfast, we headed to the beach. I love the girls' matching suits. This was the best picture I got though.

The girls all had snacks on the beach while Kevin built his sandcastle.

Once the castle was finished, all the big kids got to help pour water into the moat. It soaked into the sand pretty quickly, but the kids all got a big kick out of it.

When we smashed the castle in the evening, Caroline was very adamant that we had to remove all of the sea shell decorations.

Kevin took Charlotte in for her morning nap and Grandma, Grandpa, and I convinced the kids to burry our feet in the sand so we could sit and have a fifteen minute break. After they finished the first person, they all rotated and burried a second set of feet.