Saturday, July 17, 2010

SUMMER VACATION - Saturday Afternoon - Jamaica Beach 2010

We went to the beach this summer with my parents, my brother, and his kids. Mom and Dad had scoped out a beach house in Jamaica Beach, Galveston Island during one of dad's hurricane rebuilding trips last summer.

We stayed in the Barefoot Bungalow at 16920 Beachcomber. It was a great house for three families. It had three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. Then, downstairs, there was another bathroom, laundry room, and storage room. Plus, there was the deck upstairs, and a covered area downstairs with water hoses, beach shower, porch swings, and hammock.

Check-in wasn't until 3 pm, so we took our time packing and cleaning up our house before we left Houston to meet up with Mom, Dad, Will, Jenna, and Brent, who traveled from Tyler.

Since it was so close to dinner time once we got settled, we let the kids entertain themselves inside for a bit. They looked out at the beach with binnoculars, played Kerplunk out of the beach house game cabinet, and played with a bag of toys that I had brought.

Then, we had a quick dinner of Sloppy Joes, so we could head down tot he beach.