Friday, July 16, 2010

Berenstain Bears

I was reading my MOPS magazine last night and was super excited to learn that the Berenstain Bears has a focus on faith series called Berenstain Bears Living Lights.

Kevin and I have made a choice to exclude Berenstain Bear books from our house because the father is always shown in such a negative light. He's always doing something stupid... kind of like the Homer Simpson of children's books. I feel bad because I always loved them as a kid and I can tell that Caroline is drawn to Berenstain books when we are at a doctors office and such. But that's the choice we've made.

I'm hoping that Father Bear will be a better role model in this series.

They are available on for pre-order (there's even a 5 book boxed set for $7.99)... and Grandma's, they've been added to Caroline's birthday wishlist : )


Becky Perez said...

I saw that in the magazine, too. I couldn't find the box set on amazon. Can you send me the link?

Melissa said...

My mom has a couple of them, and personally I am not fan of the Living Lights. The two I read (can't remember which) mentioned God very little - as in the last two pages of the book. And Papa Bear was just as clueless about God in those books too. It was more of a moral-type book with a small dose of God, but there wasn't much information about God. I have not read them all, so maybe some are better.