Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bible Camp - Day 4 - Fishers of Men

Our final day of Bible Camp was today.

It's been a super fun week, and I know the kids all enjoyed it a lot. It was a busy week for me and it didn't help that I had a raging sinus infection by Thursday. Oh well, I pushed onward for the kids.

After our opening songs, we let the kids share their favorite thing about the week. Several liked snack and playing outside, while others liked craft and some of the silly songs we sang. Then, we acted out Jesus calling the disciples to be fishers of men on our story board. The kids thought it was really fun that we put all the fish in the fishermen's net.

For crafts, we did a crayon resist picture that the adults drew in advance in white crayon. I think it was the biggest hit with Jade. We just couldn't get her to put down her paint brush.

My favorite activity was snacktime. The kids each got pretzel sticks, blue cream cheese, and goldfish. They dipped their pretzel stick (fishing pole) in the cream cheese and then fished for the goldfish. They all "caught" on really well and were all fishing for their snack.

Our second craft was a Fishers of Men themed magnet that I got in a kit at Hobby Lobby. It was a little instruction intensive, but they mostly turned out like the example. The older kids also had time to do a scratch off fish.

Playing outside was, of course, a huge hit. I hung out in the shade with the water today and let someone else man the baby swings for Jasmine, Abigail, Celeste, and Tyler. It sure does feel a lot cooler to be in the shade and not work the carpool lane.

Our last activity was Fishing for Favors. Each child got a picture of themselves from camp and a bag of fish stickers. They got to use a fishing pole and Melissa hid behind our story board to clip on their prizes. It was a lot of fun. I wanted to sing one more closing song, but before we knew it, it was time to go.

I think that camp was a huge success. Maybe we'll do it again next year. It sure was fun seeing the kids faces having so much fun.

Planning took a lot of time and brain power, but I praise God for the friends and abilities He provided to make this happen. I pray that we've planted a seed in the hearts of each child that will grow into love for God and a relationship with Him.